Our Guarantee

At High Purses we realize the importance of a happy customer, for a happy customer is a loyal customer and our business can't be successful without a loyal client list.

We love what we do and we do it for you, the customer who loves mirror image designer bags as much as we do. So the knockoff bags we offer have to be excellent. We ensure this excellence by purchasing real authentic designer handbags for luxury boutiques and then strip them back so we can ensure that every part we mirror imagete is true to the original, even down to the last stud and stitch.

Once our artisans have finished creating these  mirror image handbags they are once again inspected to make sure that they pass our quality test, this ensures that even the tiniest detail such as the stitching has been perfectly finished.

We even have our team of experts inspect them again before shipping them to you,

If we didn't do all of this and didn't ensure that all our mirror image bags were so true to the original we know we wouldn't be successful because our customers wouldn't keep buying from us, but they do. They return time after time and that is something that we are extremely proud of.

Our mission is to provide you the highest quality in high mirror image handbags for just a fraction of the prices of authentic handbags We promise you that you will be very satisfy with our top quality mirror image handbags as they look almost like 99% similar as the authentic bags but if for some reason you are not you can always return it and we will replace it for you as it stated in our return policy

We offer several ways to pay for your mirror image bag, including Western Union (customers paying by Western Union all receive a free product) and our guarantee applies to all orders, so no matter how you decide to pay you can rest assured you will be receiving a quality product.

The Team